How to Identify Drug Addiction without Having Substance Abuse Counselor Education

It can be difficult to recognize the signs of drug abuse, especially since there are so many different kinds of drugs, each with its own range of possible effects. You do not need a formal education in substance abuse training to recognize some of the symptoms of drug use.  Here are a few of the most addictive and dangerous drugs, and their possible visible effects. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and that users will not necessarily exhibit all or any of the following behaviors. However, it is likely that if they are abusing any of the drugs below, they will show at least some of the warning signs. It is important to note that there are symptoms of all forms of drug use, no matter the drug of choice. These include financial problems (due to spending money on drugs and a decreased ability or desire to earn money), social isolation, an increased need for privacy and irritability.


Heroin users will initially exhibit a euphoric rush, that can manifest as extreme happiness, seemingly for no reason or out of nowhere. This quickly deteriorates into extreme lethargy, sleeping much longer than usual or at unusual times, clouded thinking flushed skin, itchiness, nausea, and vomiting. Intravenous users may have track marks on the skin, usually on the arms, but at other points as well, such as the inner thigh or between the toes. Fever from shooting up heroin Withdrawal symptoms include depression, anxiety, restlessness, and body aches.


Cocaine users can display extreme confidence, to the point of feeling invincible, and therefore may display uncharacteristically dangerous or risky behaviors atypical to their personality. They may become overly talkative, and have dilated pupils. Cocaine keeps users awake, so they may go without sleep for long periods, followed by a crash of sleeping for an unusually long period or at odd times. Users may exhibit overall weight loss, but with bloating in the body and/or face. If someone has just used cocaine, they may have white powder around their nose or mouth or track marks on the arms from intravenous use. Cocaine users may exhibit decreased attention to hygiene and self-care. Withdrawal symptoms include excess sleep, depression, anxiety, and body pain.


Methamphetamine abuse has arguably the most obvious physical signs of any addictive drug. Meth abusers often display dramatic weight loss, sores on the face or body from excessive picking, rotting teeth, and high body temperature. Symptoms also include increased libido, itchiness of the skin, and in some cases, stroke. Some users may also experience hallucinations and paranoia. Meth keeps users from sleeping, sometimes for periods as long as days or even weeks.

What Is Substance Abuse Counseling?

Think of a situation where you’re sitting on a bench at a busy park in Clementon. Then imagine yourself looking at all the individuals walking by.

Chances are high a good number are coping with a drug or substance abuse problem.

They may or may not be aware, but the fact is, they need help. Research and statistics have proven that there are millions of people every year who suffer from substance abuse. In reality, for countries such as the United States, it’s a very common problem, especially alcohol abuse.

Substance abuse is the continuous use of a mind-altering substance; this can be drugs such as heroin, cocaine, bhang or and even alcohol.

Even though the majority of substance addicts might feel that they are apparently blessed with numerous positive outcomes of these substances, the truth is that these drugs are eventually extremely harmful.

Not only can they harm your body, but can also fracture your soul.

Also, the abuse of substances such as drugs or alcohol will normally affect your brain as well.

For instance, if you take a closer look at someone suffering from drug abuse, they do not behave like their usual selves.

For example, someone who is usually calm could possibly become violent and high-tempered when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Regrettably, there are a couple of explanations why somebody may abuse alcohol or drugs. For instance, some may abuse alcohol or drugs because they are trying to fit in with their peers. Others may abuse alcohol since they are looking for a way to escape from their realities.

It’s actually the most common especially with alcohol.

Alcohol makes people start acting on false pretences; they pretend not to know what they are doing yet, in reality, they know what they are doing.

But no matter why someone experiments with alcohol and drugs, chances are high that they will become reliant on them.

Conversely, with substance abuse counseling, the issue at hand can be eradicated. This a type of counseling that can be used to help individuals conquer and overcome reliance on substances such as drugs or alcohol.

At the moment, dealing with substance abuse is more vital than ever particularly because every single day, more and more drugs are being developed. It’s shocking that this kind of abuse is not only happening in cities but also the smaller remote areas.

In this day and age, the borders of substance abuse have been crossed, we are no longer safe from its adverse effects, not even you and me.